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Me Like Bees is an Indie Rock band hailing from the heart of Joplin, Missouri. In 2013, they released their first full length record “The Ides” (LoveWay Records) produced by Jeff Smith (Never Shout Never, Trust Company, Carter Hulsey).

In June of 2013, Me Like Bees won a spot to compete in the Ernie Ball Music Man Battle of the Bands (17th Consecutive Year). After surpassing many opponents and outlasting over 20,000 other bands they advanced to the final round. Me Like Bees won the final showcase at the House Of Blues in Hollywood California in January of 2014.

After completing a leg on the Van’s Warped Tour, Me Like Bees finished their EP “There Will Be Time” with award-winning producer John Feldmann (Five Seconds of Summer, The Used, Panic! at the Disco, Goldfinger, Good Charlotte, Plain White T’s) in 2015. There Will Be Time was positively received by many outlets, and Alternative Press gave it 4 stars. Upon the release of There Will Be Time, they embarked on a nation wide tour with Never Shout Never (Warner Bros); spanning from the world famous Troubadour in Hollywood, California to Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.

They were asked to collaborate with Image Comics (The Walking Dead) and Jeremy Haun, writing an EP based on the comic book titled The REALM. They wrote a track for each issue in the first story arc and released the thematic EP, Songs From The REALM in March of 2018.

They’ve followed The REALM EP with two singles, titled Bedlam and Feel the Heat.



“I’m not sure what stage of the game Me Like Bees is in, but their album The Ides is an indie album that stands out. With asymmetrical song structures that can abruptly go from bouncy and light, to slow and heavy and back again, the listener is rewarded with an experience that is anything but dull.” - The Music Ninja

“The first full-length release from these Joplin, Missouri rockers prominently features the band’s tornado-relief single, “Naked Trees,” a surprisingly delicate contemplation of what just happened and what do we do now. The answer is the rest of the record, a rambunctious and adventurous fight for community in a world of individual nightmares” -Dave Marsh / Rap Rock Confidential

“The entire The Ides album from Me Like Bees is whimsical in that all-American rock and roll sense of a Modest Mouse from Joplin, MO, but with hints of the goofiness of a Blind Melon” - Joel Frieders / SYFFAL

“To be honest my favourite performance of the night was openers Me Like Bees. As the support to NeverShoutNever, Bees gave the band a run for its money. As an indie/rock band out of Joplin, Missouri, they put on roots-driven performance that delighted the crowd. It was their first show outside of the US, which I’m sure is only the first of many to come.” - Lithium Magazine, Toronto Ontario.